Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy

Corporate governance and remuneration policy

Transparency and trust


In recent years, corporate governance has acquired great significance for all credit institutions, becoming a structural pillar in company management and incorporating the same into the strategic plans of entities.

For BANCO INVERSIS, SA, its corporate governance system, is an essential factor for the creation of value in the Entity, and therefore  it is inspired and based on adequate and transparent management based on the ethical principles of good corporate governance, incorporating the main

recommendations of national and international financial markets and articulated around the defence of social interest, improving economic efficiency and strengthening the confidence of shareholders, clients and investors.

In compliance with current regulations and to provide shareholders, clients and investors knowledge of the corporate governance system of BANCO INVERSIS, SA, including in this section the documents that compose the same as well as information that is considered relevant to this subject.


Following the policy of transparency that characterizes BANCO INVERSIS, SA, in this space, you will find information about the remuneration policy that the entity follows concerning directors, officers and employees who take risks or control functions, as well as anyone working in Inversis whose total compensation is similar to those above.

The posts included in the identified group according to the above criteria are listed below, as well as the fundamental characteristics of the remuneration policy that applies to them.

Thus, the general principles that inspire them are briefly explained, their most important components and mechanisms provided for therein to avoid risk-taking. Finally, quantitative data is displayed on the aggregate amounts accrued by the group.

The Extraordinary and Universal General Meeting of BANCO INVERSIS, S.A. unanimously agreed at his meeting on 31th October 2018, to approve the Remuneration Policy of the Board of Directors of BANCO INVERSIS, S.A., previously approved by the Board of Directors with a favorable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

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