Why Inversis


As many solutions as customers

At Inversis we are 100% focused on your business. Our main objectives are to improve your value proposition with your end customers and cover your connectivity and investment needs according to regulatory regulations.

However, the reality of each client is different and their needs unique. That's why our professional and technological capital is flexible enough to give you a global and personalised response. Only by adapting to your business can we provide growth, with the management and control you need.

Unique solutions Unique solutions
Capacity for a 360º response

At Inversis you will find tailor-made solutions integrated with your business model:

  • Equities of the main world markets
  • Fixed income
  • Open architecture in investment funds, ETFs
  • Pension plan platform
  • Derivatives
Investment strategies
Assessment on investment strategies

Design and selection of customised fund universes, with quantitative and qualitative analysis

Design and access to structured notes with the main issuers

Generation of fixed income ideas

All types of services
  • Intermediation and execution of orders
  • Settlement of transactions
  • Custody and administration of securities
  • Online management of financial operations
  • Investment and pension fund depository
  • Investment fund management
  • Reporting to supervisors
  • Automated re-balancing of investment fund portfolios
  • Table services


The technology is in our DNA

Technology determines the capacity and quality of service of Inversis. Thanks to a modular and customisable system we can provide multiple integrated solutions to the particularities of your business.

From a white label online front-end, to mobile applications which turn devices into real portable offices. Moreover, always, using market standards:


This technology also allows us to provide "Time to Market” response in accessing information. Aspect of vital importance in the distribution of financial assets, where the batch goes against the business.

Biometric signature captures, cybersecurity with equipment redundancy and real time synchronised lines for data protection, are also an important part of our technology offering.


We ensure the continuity and security of our services

The market for financial assets is constantly evolving, which is why Inversis’ commitment to your business must be -and is- long-term. Adapting our offerings to the needs of the moment and avoiding costs in re-engineering processes.

Additionally, we have accurate control tools to offer you agreements that guarantee our quality of services and their continuity.

Real Commitment Real Commitment